• self-empowering

    In this course you will discover how your Menstrual Cycle relates to various aspects of your daily living. This will allow you to gain much better control over your symptoms, choose what to focus on and most importantly re-claim control over YOUR health and wellness.

  • self-healing

    Unlike many other courses, BEEautiful U Formula is NOT about "selling" you more supplements or imposing one-way-of-living standards. It is built to help you feel empowered by your monthly cycle and to share how you can use your body's inner resources to heal without painkillers or synthetic hormones.

  • suitable for busy bees

    This course is 100% self-paced, so you can remove the pressure of "another appointment" and explore each chapter and each topic at your own pace that best aligns with your schedule!⁠ As a special bonus you can currently add 1 FREE 45 min virtual session for even more personalized strategies! ⁠

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  • 6 hours of short and informative video classes (~ 15 min each)

  • Menstrual Cycle Meal Plan to help you sync with your cycle (incl. day-by-day flex guides and 100+ menstrual cycle food recipes to choose from)

  • guides on how to exercise for menstrual health and video examples

  • 20+ downloadables

  • practical strategies for better hormones, stress management, sleep problems and hormone-friendly skin care tips

  • special bonus (optional*): free virtual session (45 min) to clarify course content, fine-tune your wellness plan or address your questions


  • What kind of topics does this course cover?

    In this course you will discover: what is menstrual health and menstrual cycle food, how to exercise according to menstrual cycle, how sleep, stress and other daily activities may affect your hormones through menstrual cycle and so much more! I will share with you what the root cause of your period problems may be and what you can do to address it through nutrition and practical lifestyle strategies. I offer a variety of tips and tricks, so that you can find the ones that work for YOU and get a great kickstart of your menstrual health journey.

  • Is there a Meal Plan in this course?

    Yes, there is a detailed menstrual cycle Meal Plan in this course! There are actually 4 very unique menstrual cycle meal plans or as I call them Menu Guides that I built exclusively for this course. I call them guides because I want nutrition suggestions to be as flexible as possible to support your busy schedule. Once you are enrolled in the course, you will watch a video that explains how you can easily customize them for your own personal use.

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of this course and significant amount of unique content available for immediate download, no refunds can be payable at this time.

  • Do you present all the topics yourself?

    Absolutely! I recorded almost 6 hours of video content for this course that reflects the most popular topics, questions and concerns I encounter in my private practice.

  • How can I reach you if I have more questions about this course?

    You can send all course-related questions to [email protected].

Course Author

Alena Frankish, BSc, PgDip

Hi! I am Alena: cycle syncing & women's health nutritionist, menstrual health coach and creator of the BEEautiful U Formula.

In my practice I use modern scientific knowledge to explore ancient and traditional practices women have used for centuries to make a practical, safe and joyful "infusion" for healing, hormone harmony, longevity and women's wellness. 

Join me to naturally reclaim your health and vibrancy, reconnect with your body, unlock your feminine, balance your hormones and heal from within without meds or expensive supplements!

Remember, your PMS and pain are symptoms, not a disease. It is your body trying to voice its struggles. Decode the message and get truly sustainable long-term results!